Thursday, May 5, 2011


This has been a busy sewing week. My serger is still at Bob McDougals.
Monday I went to the wearables group. Some of the ladies in that group are fantastic sewers.
I almost finished my skirt, but will not get it into the ASG content on time because I am without my machines to finish it and the entry has to be postmarked by tomorrow. I'm sure I wouldn't win anything with it, but its good to have a deadline to make you finish what you start.

Yesterday, I went to my Brother class. It was more on Embroidery and I learned some new things. Too bad I couldn't take the classes when I bought the machine in November 2008. The decorative stitches on my Quattro weren't working correctly (another reason I didn't finish my skirt). So I left it at Sew Contempo yesterday, but I just got a call it is ready to be picked up. I'll probably drive down there tomorrow to pick it up.

I did get my Janome Jem working again. I figured out the problem with the bobbin winder. I forgot to pull out the knob on the side. Perhaps I never wound a bobbin on the machine before as I wind them on my Brother!

I am making more Snap Happy bags for my sewing guild group a week from Saturday.

Today I had lunch with Lynn at Cafe Express at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. Then we went to see the exhibition of paintings on loan from the National Gallery of Art in Houston. They had Impressionist and Post Impressionist painting from Renoir, Manet, Monet, Seurat, Cassatt, and other of my favorite artists and I enjoyed seeing them again. I rejoined the Museum with an individual membership which got Lynn a discount on her admission. I also got $10 off with my AAA membership so that was a pleasant surprise. Now that I have rejoined I'll have to walk over there more often.

Need to start thinking about my trip to California and what too wear for Shelby's Bat Mitzvah. It's fun to travel when you are going for a vacation or a pleasant occasion. Don't miss traveling for work. I wonder what the security will be like now that Bin Ladin has been assassinated and we are worried about retaliation.

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