Thursday, May 12, 2011

Travel without traveling and lots of sewing

I saw a Ted Talk on the Google Art Project. You go to and virtually tour 17 museums all over the world using Google Streets mapping technology. It is really cool. You can zoom in so close on the pictures you can see the cracks on the pictures. Lots of good inspiration material.

Thursday night I was the discussion leader for "The Thousand Autumns of Jacob DeZoet". It was a really good discussion and went well.

Friday I was getting ready to lead the ASG Inside the Loop Group on Saturday in a project on Snap Happy Bags. I found a neat website and UTube video on making fancy Prairie Points. I tried it on one of my bags. I made two bags and samples to demo on Saturday.

Saturday the Sewing Group went very well and people thanked me for showing them the bag. They asked me to be the group leader next year. I'll probably do it with Terry as co-leader. Then I went out to lunch with Marilyn, Vera, and Jennifer at Los Tios. Then I went to Joanne's to buy the muslin I need for the Fit for Life workshop.

Today I will get ready for the Wonderful Wearables Group. I need to do the Textured Magic Challenge, finish my skirt, and do the Threads book challenge. Then I need to get ready for the Fit for Life Workshop on Tuesday. There are many good U Tube videos on Texture Magic and I watched a few this morning.

This morning Dave and I went for a ride just to get out in this unusually beautiful Houston weather. It's gorgeous out. Too nice to stay in and sew but I have so much to do. Fun stuff.

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