Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Clover YoYo Maker

I was surfing UTube and came across many videos on how to use the Clover YoYo maker. I realized that I had bought the YoYo makers at Tuesday Morning. The videos called for 51/2 inch squares. I had bought a package of 5" squares on our vacation to New Hampshire. I sewed most of the squares into 9 patches, but I wasn't real happy with the color combinations. I tried the 5" squares in the extra large YoYo maker and they worked! So I took apart the 9 patch blocks and sewed all 70 squares into beautiful YoYos in two days in front of the TV. I put them in the jar on the coffee table and they look pretty in there. Perhaps I'll figure out something else to do with them someday.
The link to the projects for the YoYo maker is:

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  1. I made some and intend to sew them together to put on top of a pillow for my daughter, who is a research doctor, they are heart shaped. She is in cardiology. Thought that would be appropriate. I have seen them put on quilts as flowers in a flower pot that was cute.