Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holiday Parties and Pillowcases!

The Holiday season is starting with a lot of parties for me this year.  It is nice NOT to be on the road and to be able to attend the parties.  Next Saturday we are sponsoring an early Hanukah party with our chavurah (group of friends) from our Synagogue.  I've been out shopping for lots of paper goods, decorations, tablecloths, etc. for the party.  I'm making latkes and realized I needed to buy an electric fry pan to cook them it, so Dave and I got one at Target today.  My major problem is where am I going to put it after the party.  We got a "grinch" gift for the Hanukah gift exchange today also.

My condo is having its annual open house and holiday buffet on the seventh. One of the units that will be open is a penthouse so that will be spectacular.  The Buffet is always gourmet delicious. As usual, my husband will be on the road so I asked my "other husband" to come with me.  No, I am not polygamous, he is just a good friend and his wife and my husband don't object.  Some year Dave will get to come to the event with me.  I know he would really enjoy it. 

My two ASG groups are also having holiday parties with gift exchanges.  I went to Joann's and found some notions to which I'll add some fabric from my stash for my gifts.  I also bought some Hanukkah fabric there.  My grand kids are coming for the end of Hanukkah (Christmas week) and I'm thinking of making them pillow cases with the  Hanukkah fabric.  At least they won't outgrow the pillowcases!     I have to think small as everything will go back with them to California. If I have time and enough fabric, I'll make some pillowcases for my New Jersey Grandkids too!  Maybe I'll make some for my Houston great niece and nephew.  Oh no!  I'll have to open a pillowcase factory in the next two weeks!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

KISS website

A reader asked for the website to buy a Kut It Sew Straight laser light.  It is

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Catching Up

I haven't posted a blog in awhile.  I have been to three ASG meetings and attended the International Quilt Festival in Houston on three separate days.  The Quilt Festival, as usual, was awesome.  On Thursday, I looked at the prize winning quilts and then walked around the vendors before doing my stint as a volunteer at the ASG booth.  On Friday I brought two friends who had never been to the Quilt Festival before.  They soon learned to believe me when I said to think" Art Show and Shopping Mall" rather than bedspreads! We spent about two hours looking at quilts, a half-hour at lunch, and an hour shopping. On Sunday I went back to continuing exploring the vendors.  Although my friends didn't sew, one bought jewelry and one got a massage!  I didn't buy much this year because I had bought fabric in NYC at Mood, and I had taken three pattern making workshops and I have an ever growing stash of fabric.  I did buy some embroidery thread, some water soluble sticky stabilizer, and a gadget call KISS which stands for Kut it Sew Straight.  It is a laser light that shine on your cutting mat so you can put a rotary cutter or scissor on top and cut a straight line.  My two ASG neighborhood groups had Show and Tells from the Quilt Festival as their meetings, so I had something to show as no one else had purchased that gadget.
Today I attended my first ASG Chapter Advisory Board meeting. I was getting to see what I have to look forward to next year.  I'm about to finish my red rayon jacket.  I have a lot of Holiday Parties coming up to wear it at.  I had to lift the shoulders, re-fit the sleeves, and shorten the bottom points.  Thank goodness for the help I got at the Wearables group or I would have just given up.
 It's almost Thanksgiving, and I'm thankful for all of my sewing friends.