Monday, May 30, 2011

Digitizing for PE Design

If you have any version of PE Design digitizing software I recommend you join the Yahoo Group Memories-In-Thread. It's connected to Sue Lough's website at Sue is in the United Kingdom and she has recorded video tutorials on manual digitizing with the Layout and Editing Program. There are a few free tutorials you can try out, and then she has a Lesson every few months for the group to work on together. The tutorials are usually $15 payable by Paypal, but the Lesson of the Month is usually $10. I have purchased all or almost all of them and have learned more than from any other live classes I have taken. The Yahoo Group is very active and if you have any problems you just post it and Sue or one of the other members will answer your questions. You can always search on the Yahoo site because someone probably will have answered the question already. After doing her lessons, I am able to digitize my own designs and I understand the whys and why nots of the various options. So if you have PE Design and haven't used it because you think it is too complex, try Sue's lessons and join us on the Yahoo group.
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