Saturday, April 30, 2011

Not Serging Forth

The good news is that I was able to thread the serger and set it on a four thread stitch. The bad news is that it wouldn't cut the fabric. I read the instruction book and it said to change to the extra upper nife, so with David's help I did. The serger still isn't cutting so I have to take it back to the dealer today. I'm sure I won't have it to work on my skirt, so there is no way I'll have it done by Monday. I guess I can sew it on my Quattro and use the side cutter, but that is much slower. Just doesn't seem to be my year for finishing the ASG Creativity Content.

Had a great time with Sydney on Thursday and Friday morning. I picked Sydney up and we went to Half-Price Books. She picked out a book on Vampires. We also got a book for Sean, and I bought a book for me on making pillows that came with an embroidery CD. Then we came home for a bit and I set up the little machine for Sydney to sew. I discovered that the regular J foot was missing. I hope I didn't lose it. Then we walked over to the Houston Museum of Natural Science to go to McDonald's for lunch. I used the tickets I won last fall to take Sydney into the regular part of the Museum. It was pretty empty so she she got lots of attention. She volunteered for the Chemistry show and she was allowed to hold fossilized dinosaur poop! Then we went back to McDonald's for her chocolate cookie dessert and then we went to the Butterfly exhibit. She liked the exhibits but not the live butterflies Then we walked home, got a drink and went downstairs for a swim in the pool We had the pool all to ourselves. After an hour we came back up and changed and waited for Dave to come home. Then we went out for Chinese Food.

On Friday, Sydney played Scrabble with Dave. Then we had to take her back to Linda. We did have a wonderful time. After a trip to Costco we came home and had lunch and then I did laundry, changed the linen, and watched the Royal Wedding reruns. Then Lynn called and we went for a walk around Hermann Park  and then we walked over to pick up Peyton from his dancing class. Then we went out for NY Pizza.

The Royal Wedding was a treat, the Space Shuttle Launch was cancelled and unbelievably over 300 people were killed by the tornadoes in the South. Now I'm up in the middle of the night. Just not sleepy so I am catching up on my blog.
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