Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Thimble Collection

I have about 90 Souvenir Thimbles.  The first one I received was given to me by the son of my very good friends when he came back from Israel.  He knew I liked to sew and brought it for a present.  I thought that it was a wonderful souvenir, so small and easy to carry, and so perfect for a traveling consultant who liked to sew.  I had been to Israel so it was like a souvenir of my former trip.  Then I started collecting them from the various places I worked on my consulting projects.  Many were bought in airport and hotel gift shops.  I also bought them on vacations.  One of the thimbles is of sealskin that I obtained in Alaska.  One has the Scales of Justice as a remembrance of my years practicing law.  There's one made out of Copper from the Kennicott copper mine that I visited when I worked at Rio Tinto in Salt Lake City.  There are Thimbles from when I worked in Germany and we took a side trip to Switzerland.  There are thimbles from Mt. Vernon and Monticello  that Dave and I visited when he was working in the Washington DC area.  There are Thimbles from New Hampshire, Rhode Island, San Francisco, Breckenridge and Denver, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas and Moab.  Some friends have brought me thimbles from their trips,  like the one from Ft. McKinley near Baltimore.    Some Dave brought back from his projects like the ones from Peoria Illinois,Corpus Christie TX, and Memphis Tenn..  I have one from the Bahamas from when I went on my Quilting Cruise.  I have a Texas Bluebonnet thimble that I bought when I was on a project in Austin.  I do have one from ASG and one that I got at the Quilt Festival in Houston.  I don't have one from Paris or London because I hadn't started collecting them when we went on our first trip to Europe.  Each one brings back a nice memory and none of them cost more than $8.00.  They all sit on one little glass shelf in my bedroom. 

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