Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wonderful Wearables Group

Yesterday was the Wonderful Wearables Group down in Webster.  Those ladies really know how to sew.  For the Texture Magic Challenge, Sara made a purse and the flap was texturized.  Penny used her texturized fabric to make a water bottle holder she uses on her walks.  Another lady texturized some decorator weight fabric with a flower spray and used the  flower part on the side of a purse.  I worked on sewing the Texture Magic to my fabric, but haven't shrunk it yet. .The next mini-challenge is to use one of the fabric manipulation techniques that Penny demonstrated a few meetings back to make something. I have had the Lazy Girl Designs Town and Country purse pattern for a long time. Perhaps I will combine the fabric manipulation challenge with the Texture Magic challenge and put both into the purse.

Lou told us about her ASG trip to New York City.  It sounded great.  I need to get my daughter  who lives in NYC to do fabric shopping for me!  Too bad she is not a sewer. 

I have to decide if I want to go to the Linda Lee workshop.  I hear it is filling up fast and is limited to 25 students.  It costs $65 for the workshop and $75 for the fabric kit to make the Plaza Jacket and I don't think I would ever wear the Plaza Jacket.  Perhaps I'll just go on Saturday to the lectures.  They are not until Sept so I have some time to think about those.

Lorianne helped me figure out where to put the buttons on my blouse so I am still working on it.  I also decided to shorten the sleeves.  I still need to topstitch all around.  Maybe I'll finish it by the next meeting.

The next major challenge will be to make an outfit for the Stitch in Time Fashion Show at the Quilt Festival.  Perhaps I can make a nice outfit for Rosh Hashannah and then enter it into the fashion show.  Lorianne said that if you submit an outfit, you are in.  The other show coming up is the Cotton Patch show.  I think if you set a goal to finish something for these shows, you might actually accomplish it.  If you don't have a goal, time goes by and nothing gets finished.
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