Monday, July 18, 2011

Invisible Zippers and Visible Buttons

Today was the Wonderful Wearables ASG Group at Fabrics Etcetera in Webster, TX.  There was some wonderful Sew and Tell.  I particularly liked Lou's handbag made with her Texture Magic challenge fabric.  Lorianne Reeves showed us how to put in Invisible Zippers.  She followed the article in the current issue of Threads magazine on inviisible zippers.  She used a regular zipper foot and not an invisible zipper foot.  I was glad to see this as I have so many sewing machine feet and I did not want to invest in another one.

In the afternoon I worked on the blouse that just doesn't want to get done.  I sewed on buttons and then noticed that the bottom was not meeting up correctly.   So I took off all the buttons and started resewing all of them from the bottom up.  I am bound and determined to finish this blouse.  I know the next time I make it, it will go very smoothly, but this first one has taken forever.  I signed up for Lorianne's class on making patteren blocks for knit fabrics on Sunday.  I mostly wear knits and that should be a very useful class.

When I left Fabrics Etcetera, I drove to Sew Contempo and signed up for Penny's PE Design Class.  She said it is the last version 8 class she will be giving so it was take it now or upgrade my software to PE Next.  I'm not ready to spend the money for that yet.  I also signed up for the Anita Gooddesign workshops in August..  So I will continue to commute South to the Clear Lake region for the next few months. 

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