Friday, July 8, 2011


I had a feeling that the buttonholes for my blouse would be a challenge.  Well they were and are.  First I had Lorianne mark where the buttonholes should be.  Then I made the first buttonhole with no problem.  During the next buttonhole, I ran out of bobbin thread and the buttonhole was a mess.  It took me a long time to rip out the threads.  I was frustrated to so I waited a few days before attempting them again.  Yesterday, I finished sewing five more buttonholes.  But I wasn't happy with them because they didn't line up nicely, although they were evenly spaced.  Fortunately I hadn't cut them yet because when I held them up to myself I  realized they they were on the WRONG side of the blouse.  This is an advantage because I get to redo the buttonholes on the right side of the blouse and line them up correctly.  The incorrect buttonholes won't show when I sew buttons over them, but I will probably try to unpick them anyway.  If I had to charge by the hour for the time I have spent on this blouse it would be a fortune.  The out of pocket money I have spent is only the fitting class, and the Butterick pattern as I had the fabric and all of the notions in my inventory.  Why do I always have to learn the hard way?  So today I will try again. 
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