Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sewing with Sydney

Today Sydney was visiting from California. I gave her my ipod for a birthday present, so I spent time the last few days putting music on it that I thought she might like. I also decided to try making one of those little Snap Happy bags with the Carpenter's Tape to house her iPod. Here is a picture of her with the case.

I didn't have the pattern, only the notes I took at the demo at the ASG Retreat. It was very easy to make and only took about 1 hour. I did find that I didn't get all the layers in when I sewed the sides of the bag together and had to sew them again and then even sew the outside of the casing by hand. I'll have to be more careful sewing the edges on the next bag which will be for my Kindle. I'm supposed to demonstrate these bags at our next neighborhood group meeting so it will be good for me to get my mistakes corrected before May 14th.

I found the fabric when I was in Tuesday Morning. It was a good deal, 8 fat quarter coordinated bundle for $6.00.
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