Monday, August 8, 2011

New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia and "Project Runway" Ambiance

Last Wednesday evening after lunch with my friends, I flew to Philadelphia.  Dave picked me up and we spent the night at the Courtyard in Marlton NJ.  The staff knows his so well, they actually gave me a free Starbucks latte for Breakfast.  On Thursday morning we drove to Glenn's house.  We spent part of the day playing with Zaiden and then took Glenn and Z to lunch.  Zaiden looked much older with his new haircut, but I miss his curls.  After lunch we went to see Hattie and Shayna in their theater day camp presentation of Honk.  It's an updated musical retelling of the ugly duckling.  Hattie played one of ducklings and Shayna was the Head Frogette.  It was really very cute.  Sherry, Mel, and Christine came to see the performance also.  After taking Glenn and Christine and the family out to dinner, we drove up to another Courtyard in Edison NJ to spend the night.  The next day we drove into NYC and checked in at my old stomping grounds, the Hilton Garden Inn on 8th Avenue and 47th St.  This trip would not have been possible without all the frequent flyer/stayer miles. 

It was about 10 a.m. and we walked to shop.  I went to Mood Designer Fabrics on 37th St. and Dave went to B&H Photo.  Mood was in an office tower on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floor.  They have all their fabrics on long rolls instead of bolts.  It wasn't very busy so I spent an hour looking around. I wound up buying a light- weight wool print with lurex strands running through it, and a rayon jersey fabric with a modern art design.  Now I have to figure out what to make with my special fabrics.  They will both go nice with the black pants I tend to wear, and they will be for the winter.  They were more expensive than I'm used to paying so I hope all my fitting classes will help me make clothes that fit me.  I didn't have the chutzpah to think about the designer silks that went for $40 a  yard and up. 

After the shopping we ate at Ben's Deli which was across the street.  We walked back to the hotel and dropped off the purchases and then started walking through the city.  We walked by the theater district, Times Square, and Radio City Music Hall, through Rockefeller Plaza and eventually wound up at the 42nd Street Library.  We paid our regards to the Lions and went in to look at the special exhibit they were having for their 100th anniversary.  This way we got to cool off while looking at cool objects like a Gutenberg Bible, Cuniform writing, original manuscripts, famous photos, etc.  After that we walked through Bryant Park and watched some Bocci Ball and Table Tennis.  Then Dave decided we had to go on the Staten Island Ferry so we took the subway downtown and took a ride.  It was nice to see the Statute of Liberty again, and you can see where the Freedom Tower is going up to replace the World Trade Center.  Dave and I had many dates on the Staten Island Ferry when we were kids.

On Saturday we went to Dave's Aunt Blanche's Ninetieth Birthday Party.  Shelly and Mike Rifkin drove us out to Queens for the Party.  My daughter, my nieces and great Nieces were there along with some of Dave's cousins and their children and grandchildren.  We even got to see the newest babies in the family.  It was a really nice reunion.

After Brunch with Jenny the next day we drove down to Philadelphia.  We really made very good time and then had to find some things to do before Dave took me to the airport.  We had lunch in Cherry Hill NJ and then drove across the river.  It was very hot and humid and then it started raining so we just drove around the historical district for awhile without getting out of the car.  We went past Independence Hall, the Betsy Ross House, past the Statue of George Washington, and by all the historical museums, and along the waterfront.  Then Dave drove me to the Airport and it turned out my flight was very delayed so I had a reunion with PHL.  Since my flight was delayed and I was so early I breezed through security!  They have made changes to security since the last time I flew out of Philadelphia.

So I missed Project Runway this week, but I did buy fabric at Mood's and I did get to Bryant Park and I walked past Parsons School of Design.  Now I'll have to "make it work".

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