Friday, August 12, 2011

Digitizing Hattie and a busy week ahead

Yesterday, I completed my digitization of a picture of my granddaughter Hattie and sewed it out for the first time.  I immediately saw that I need to change the order of the stitching and to simplify the design.  The details I put in just don't show up in the embroidery.  I either need to reduce the details or make the whole embroidery larger.   I'm still not happy with the hair.  When I showed the sew-out to Dave, he didn't immediately recognize it as Hattie, so I will work on it more and sew it out again.  Tomorrow, my Sewing Inside the Loop Group is meeting in the morning, and my PE Design v.8 class is down in Clear Lake in the afternoon.  I'll need to get organized today for all this activity tomorrow.

On Monday, the fabric manipulation challenge is due for the Wonderful Wearables group and of course, I haven't started it.  That will keep my very busy on Sunday.  I still need to alter the block on my knit garment too.

On Tuesday, my six-year old Great Niece is coming to spend a sewing day with me.  This will be her first time sewing so I'll have to make it fun for her. I think a trip to JoAnn's for some cute fabric and a pillowcase might be in order.  Also, sewing on paper and making a patchwork doll quilt with fabric scraps and glue might be a good activity..  Do you have any ideas?

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