Sunday, January 22, 2012

A New Job and lots of YouTube Videos on Free Motion Quilting

Last week I began work as a Tax Preparer and all around helper for my friend Debbie who is a CPA.  I'll be working at least two days a week until tax season heats up.  So I have been learning  a new programs for the job.  I also have been watching YouTube Videos on XHTML and CSS for designing web pages. The New Boston  is the web site.  I'm not sure why, just curiosity.

Sewing wise I've been watching Leah Day's Quilt Along video's on Free Motion Quilting to prepare for quilting Sean's quilt.  I was practicing using the Fisher Price toy that you write on and then move a leaver and the writing disappears.  It's very useful for practicing stippling.  I also watched  Patsy Thompson:s Videos.  I'm going to make a practice baby quilt for the blanket project to try out  free-motion quilting  before I work on Sean's
quilt.  Perhaps I'll get to that tomorrow.

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