Saturday, December 24, 2011

Cleaning the Sewing Room

 My beautiful grandson (3) and my wonderful granddaughter (7) are coming tomorrow for a week and the sewing room is also the guest room.  Behind the book shelves holding my sewing books is a Murphy Bed that come down out of the wall for sleeping. .  .  I have put all the fabrics into plastic bins which I covered with a Hanukkah tablecloth to make a side table.   I have closed the machines, put up the ironing board and unplugged everything.   I emptied the Chest of Drawers so my son can put the clothes in it, and I've tried to make space in the closet to hang up some clothes next to my oaktag block patterns.. I  have put my hundreds of threads into storage boxes.  I have the Stabilizer in boxes and paper bags.  I have little scraps and ribbons in baskets.   I have tried to find all the pins in the rug and picked them up so there will be no pins in feet.
I hope Sydney and I will get a chance to knit and sew, and that Sean will string my empty thread spools on yarn and we can use some art supplies  to make Grandma some new refrigerator art.  I have gone through thousands of papers and shredded or tossed out many.  I didn't finish all the paperwork though.   Can one ever finish disposing of paperwork?  Tomorrow (Christmas Day) they fly in on United's Reindeer and I am so excited. 
Everyone should have company so they have an excuse to organize and clean up their sewing rooms.

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