Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wool Fabric and Modeling your fashions

When I was in NYC I purchased some wool fabric at Moods.  Yesterday at my ASG wearable group meeting we were given free wool fabric that someone had donated to ASG.  I also have some wool fabric that I bought at the Pendleton outlet in Vermont on a trip Dave and I took years ago.  I have decided that since the temperature has finally dipped below 90 degrees in Houston, fall is only a few months away and I want to sew with all of this beautiful fabric.  So I have been researching what to do with it.  Today I found information on how to preshrink the wool without sending it to the dry cleaner that I will try on Pamela Erny's blog Off-the-cuff-style.blogspot.com.  Basically she says to serge or finish the edges of the wool so it doesn't ravel.  Then wet some towels with hot water until very wet but not dripping and put the fabric and towels in a hot dryer for 40 minutes.  Then pull out the fabric and lay flat to cool.   Other ideas I am looking for are what kind of interfacing to use, and what kind of lining to use.  On her blog Pamela Erny recommends Pro-Weft Fusible available at  Fashion Sewing Supply.

Peggy Sexton gave our ASG group pointers on how to walk when modeling your garments at a fashion show.  Peggy said hold your thumb to your third finger, walk straight while twisting your shoulders a bit, and sing to yourself "Isn't she beautiful".  Many of the ladies in our group are showing off their creations at the Stitches in Time Fashion Luncheon at the International Quilt Festival.  I don't think I am up to doing this yet, but I hope by next year my sewing will have progressed enough for me to enter an outfit.

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